Equity Matters.

The path to creating a sustainable society that works for ALL people begins inside each of us as we seek to understand our own biases & their impact on our organizations.

As we dive into that process we will learn to create and engage in conversations about inequities in the workplace and our communities, because the truth is, equity matters. We will encourage each other to open ourselves up to listen, empathize and find common ground while challenging each other to identify biases within ourselves and each other in a compassionate manner. This is an ongoing practice of communication and engagement. It is crucial that we become conscious, confident, and humble to create lasting changes.

As we know, change doesn’t happen overnight. And we agree that change isn’t happening fast enough. But, change IS happening – and you can be part of that change. You can make a difference and show others that equity matters. Join us to create and experience change!


The Step Up Approach

Recognize how biases create inequities

Own our biases with compassion

Disrupt biases to foster inclusivity and equity