A Message to White Leaders: Connecting George Floyd with your Daily Work

George Floyd’s murder was not an isolated incident and it is not disconnected from you. The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Nina Pop and many, many more Black lives are rooted in a fundamental, systemic undervaluing of people of color, and specifically Black people. Despite the progress in equal rights and other gains communities have won, the mindset and[…]

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Linking Emotions to Equity

Last month, Step Up cofounder Amy Kesling had the opportunity to participate in a weeklong emotional intelligence training from the global EQ leader, Six Seconds. Emotional intelligence is about being smart with emotions, and it’s tied to overall success, individually and organizationally. Why does Step Up care about emotions? Because our approach – Recognizing, Owning, and Disrupting biases – brings[…]

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When you’re the only person of color on a board, you feel like the odd person out

Thank you to Step Up facilitator Alia Stevenson for this Real Stories guest blog. Board membership is a unique opportunity to steer an organization and its resources to advance its mission. Beyond its opportunity to make a difference, it is also an important tool in career progression through networking. With this level of responsibility and opportunity, anyone may feel a[…]

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