Step Up Session May

Disrupting Biases in Interviews

Join us for a deep dive in the interviewing process. Participants will learn to recognize their inner biases and their impact on the assessment of candidates based on biases in the interviews. You will also obtain tools to check biases pre, during and post the interview. The session is ideal for hiring managers and supervisors and HR professionals.

Tuesday May 2

8:30 AM -10:30 AM 

Madison College Community Room

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Step Up for Equity: Diversity Champions Panelists

Patrick Yates 


Patrick Yates is a 23 year employee with TDS Telecom, and as of February 1st 2016 the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion within the Human Resources department.  Prior to accepting this new role, Mr. Yates was part of the Network Services department within TDS where his career has spanned multiple roles.  These positions include; Senior Administrator of Field Deployment, Manager of Outside Plant Implementation, Manager Project Implementation – American Recovery & Reinvestment Act for grants received via the federal government, and most recently Manager Project Implementation for base business projects at TDS.  A partnership between TDS and Justified Anger has afforded Patrick to also be the Director of Operations for the “Our Madison Plan”.  Because of this unique relationship, Mr. Yates efforts will be focused on addressing racial disparities within the Madison area with an emphasis on implementation.

Kari Temkin


Kari Temkin is the Badger Volunteers Coordinator at the Morgridge Center for Public Service. In this role, Kari supports the operations, quality and growth of the Badger Volunteers program, which supports 800 student volunteers per semester. She also serves as the President of the Madison chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN). YNPN-Madison connects and empowers young nonprofit professionals to advance and shape the Madison area nonprofit sector. Kari believes that her contributions to both the Morgidge Center for Public Service and YNPN doesn’t feel like work, but rather a tangible and continual way to put her values into action.


Beverly Hutcherson 

Meet the Step-Up Panelists


Colleen Clark-Bernhardt

Ms. Clark-Bernhardt is the Equity and Criminal Justice Council Coordinator for Dane County, Wisconsin. In this role, she serves as a catalyst for innovation in criminal justice reform and equity throughout county operations. She serves as a member on: Dane County Criminal Justice Council, Racial Justice Improvement Project, Racial Disparities Sub-Committee, Pretrial Reform Sub-Committee, and the Dane County Community Restorative Court Advisory Board. Ms. Clark-Bernhardt is also the co-leader of the Racial Equity and Social Justice Team (RESJ) within Dane County. Additionally, she serves as Dane County’s representative to the Government Alliance on Racial Equity (GARE).

Dane County has been developing strategies to improve racial equity in county policy since 2008. Ms. Clark-Bernhardt has been integral to policy research as well as strategic partnerships and engagement. She is an innovative collaborator who knows how to build synergy toward a just and equitable county.


Tania A. Ibarra

Tania is a dynamic bilingual (English and Spanish) leader with expertise in Accounting and Financial Analysis, Assurance Services, Consulting Services, Business Processes Reviews, Lean Six Sigma Project Management, Organizational Development, and Strategic Planning. Through her career Tania has participated and played different roles in many diversity and inclusion initiatives at the various companies and organizations she has served. Particularly, Tania has played a key role in founding and developing the Latino Professional Association of Greater Madison. Tania believes that each person has talents, gifts, knowledge, skills, abilities to contribute to their organizations and communities. An organization’s and community’s ability to provide opportunities and an environment for those contributions to take place; ensures the organization and community is as successful as it can be. Tania believes that it is in the best interest of the community and organizations as a whole to ensure all people have the fair opportunities to contribute, succeed and be gainfully employed.


Ja’Mel Ware was born and raised in Detroit, MI. He moved to Madison WI in 2006 to pursue a Bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. 
After many years in professional settings, he began to understand his passions for entrepreneurship, entertainment, and diversity. In 2015 he founded Intellectual Ratchet (IR) an entertainment company that seeks to diversify cities through urban experiences. 
With the support of his friends and team IR continues to grow its “socialution” connecting people with spaces and opportunities to discover the allure of their cities. 
In his spare time, he likes to binge watch Netflix shows, workout, sleep, build models and eat at locally owned restaurants.