More than a Slight: Workplace Microaggressions During the COVID Pandemic

In this e-workshop, participants are going to explore the real impact that microaggressions have on employees, teams, and entire companies.

COVID-19 has disrupted our workplaces. Disruption requires adaptation and leadership. Disruption also brings tension. While we work under tension we must hold each other accountable to respond with compassion and thoughtfulness. Unfortunately, tension also diminishes our self-regulation which can lead to an increase in explicit and implicit aggression. In our workplaces and communities we experience insults, assaults, and invalidations of our identities — all based on biased assumptions in an environment where our primary mode of communication is behind the protection of a screen.

In this e-workshop, participants will identify biases expressed in the form of microaggressions and learn to respond vs react and and have a positive impact within their organizations.

Why do participants join?

“To find ways to cope with what I am seeing in the world.”

“To develop a better knowledge surrounding the pandemic and the biases that are being inflated due to it.”

“How to continue to challenge status quo and center equity in our response/communication around COVID-19”