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When you’re the only person of color on a board, you feel like the odd person out

Thank you to Step Up facilitator Alia Stevenson for this Real Stories guest blog. Board membership is a unique opportunity to steer an organization and its resources to advance its mission. Beyond its opportunity to make a difference, it is also an important tool in career progression through networking. With this level of responsibility and opportunity, anyone may feel a[…]

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Equity, Inclusion, Diversity: Interchangeable?

In the world of equity, inclusion, and diversity work, it’s tempting to use these words interchangeably or as shortcuts in communication. Sometimes, that’s fine. For example, when I’m speaking with an investment banker for the first time, I often explain that I do diversity and inclusion training. I avoid using the word ‘equity’ until later in the conversation because I[…]

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Why biases?

We talk a lot about biases at Step Up. We believe that big things can happen when we start looking inside ourselves and our organizations to recognize, own, and disrupt our biases. But why? Biases are human nature, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept the biases we have. The human brain makes quick judgments and looks for shortcuts[…]

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