Diversity is Important.

We can help your company with their diversity, inclusion and equity efforts. Just bring Step Up’s energy and talent into your business to spark change in your company!

The Step Up: Equity Matters team offers workshops and training for organizations of all sizes. Our workshops are highly interactive and focus on the personal work required to make lasting change within a workplace.


Participants explore their own inner biases at a Step Up workshop in 2015
Participants explore their own inner biases at a Step Up workshop in 2015

We offer multiple workshop themes, listed below. These workshops are ideal for executive retreats, leadership training, team building sessions, and diversity & inclusion continued education.

You can choose one theme (2-hour minimum) or a combination of themes (3-hour minimum). Please contact us for more information on options, pricing, and availability.

Company Culture

This workshop addresses the power of company culture in relation to attracting and retaining diverse customers, partners, suppliers, and staff. We will look inside and identify existing company culture and its role in supporting diversity and inclusion efforts. Participants will learn how attitudes, inner biases, and personal backgrounds work together to shape a company’s culture. In understanding what an organization’s culture is, we can learn steps to create an environment where a diverse workforce can cohesively move the company forward.

Diversity Champions

Diversity isn’t just for the human relations department. Creating an inclusive and diverse organization requires buy-in from all areas of an organization. Learn how you can affect positive change within your organization, no matter your job title. Participants will go through an interactive process for identifying how to utilize their roles, create goals and start action plans with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Inner Biases

Before we can start stepping up to make change happen in our workplace, we need to step inside. Understanding how we think and perceive the world is an important first step in creating sustainable change. This workshop offers an understanding of how biases shape our views of the people around us and how these biases can lead to discrimination. Participants will take time to reflect on their inner biases to learn how to move beyond guilt and toward positive intention and action.

Practicing Difficult Conversations

This workshop focuses on using effective communication tools to help people through difficult conversations in everyday situations. Participants will learn about intent vs. impact around microaggressions, discrimination, and inequalities. This is a highly interactive workshop. Through scenarios, sharing, and examples, participants will gain the skills and tools needed to challenge themselves and others to advocate for diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

Recruiting & Hiring

Explore how inner biases in the workplace can affect the hiring process, from recruiting to interviewing to onboarding. We’ll work together in this workshop to identify biases in job descriptions, interview questions, and processes. Learning from other local organizations that have implemented changes, participants are able to see real-life examples of what has and hasn’t worked.


Performance reviews and employee assessments can unintentionally perpetuate inequities within an organization. Through hands-on activities, this workshop will help participants identify biases in performance management processes and the impact on retention. We will share tools to examine policies and processes to be more inclusive while adding value to the organization.


Please contact us for more information on options, pricing, and availability.

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