Facing Bias

Before we can start stepping up to make change happen in our workplace, we need to step inside and evaluate our biases.

Understanding how we think and perceive the world is an important first step in creating sustainable change. This workshop offers an understanding of how biases shape our views of the people around us and how these biases can lead to discrimination. Participants will take time to reflect on their inner biases to learn how to move beyond guilt and toward positive intention and action.

This is a highly interactive workshop. Through scenarios, sharing, and examples, participants will gain the skills and tools needed to challenge themselves and others to evaluate their biases and advocate for diversity, inclusivity, and equity with courageous conversations.

Workshop includes 30-45 minutes of presentation and exercises, and 60-75 minutes of facilitated and guided conversations using different approaches, including practicing and sharing the challenges and successful tools acquired to address and change biases.

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Sep 13
Facing Biases
The Dream Bank – 821 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703