Session Topics

Step Up Sessions are interactive workshops where participants learn the foundations of the impact of bias in the workplace and leave with tools to effectively disrupt them. Sessions are designed to maximize circles of influence, where everyone, regardless of title, has the ability to affect change in an organization.

Step Up Labs are deeper dives, where participants apply new concepts to old problems, creating solutions for their workplaces that will drive employee engagement, boost client success, build innovative leadership styles, and improve processes from start to finish.

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Facing Bias

Step Up Session

Before we can start stepping up to make change happen in our workplace, we need to step inside. Understanding how we think and perceive the world is an important first step in creating sustainable change. This workshop offers an understanding of how biases shape our views of the people around us and how these biases can lead to discrimination. Participants will take time to reflect on their inner biases to learn how to move beyond guilt and toward positive intention and action.

More than a slight: Micro-aggressions

Step Up Session

Intent versus impact. For people working on creating more equitable workplaces, this term has most likely been heard, but what does it really mean? In this workshop, participants will explore the real impact that microaggressions have on employees, teams, and entire companies. We will examine personal unconscious biases that commonly show up as microaggressions, sometimes so subtle they go unnoticed by everyone but the people being impacted. Participants will engage in activities to become more skilled to recognize when microaggressions are present while learning how to better hold healthy conversations around this uncomfortable topic.

Brave Conversations

Step Up Session

“I’m not racist, but…” “I don’t care if it’s not politically correct, but…” “I’m all for gender equality, but…” Discriminatory, biased, and exclusionary comments can catch you off-guard. Finding the right words to disrupt can be challenging, but we can’t make change until we step up and say something. This workshop will help participants identify the emotions behind charged interactions and practice approaches to have healthy conversations around issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Driving Sales by Disrupting Bias

Step Up Lab

Whether you’re in product sales, advertising, consulting, or any other business development role, you probably have a primary client identity in mind. Your strategy is tailored to your target audience. In this two-part workshop, participants will identify pitfalls in traditional client profiling and learn new ways of approaching development with a focus on equity, inclusion, and diversity that can increase organizational success.

Who is this for? People and teams working in business development, marketing, sales, fundraising, advertising

Inclusive Hiring

Step Up Lab

Your organization may be missing out on top talent thanks to bias in job requirements, recruiting strategies, and interviews. Discover how to make your hiring process a welcoming, respectful introduction to your company for all candidates.

Who is this for? Hiring managers, supervisors, HR managers, recruiters

Building a Culture of Retention

Step Up Lab

We know that employees rarely leave jobs, they leave managers. Often, company culture is the deciding factor for whether employees stay or go, how much effort they put into their work, and what they say about your organization outside of work. This workshop will explore implicit and explicit factors of company culture, including performance management and behavioral norms.

Who is this for? Supervisors, HR professionals

Leadership for Equitable Nonprofits

Step Up Lab

Board members play a crucial role in advancing equity within nonprofits. Organizational leaders will examine and understand the context, culture, and stakeholders they serve through an equity lens. They will gain confidence in their ability to provide leadership and governance that is equitable for the stakeholders the organization serves.

Who is this for? Nonprofit board members, executive directors, executive teams

two workshop participants at a table, talking to each other

“Who knew learning how to have Brave Conversations could be so enjoyable? This workshop was eye-opening, educational and very well run. Thank you!”

-Mary R.

“We can read about bias, diversity, equity, but until we start talking about it – together – we’ll never be a just & equitable city.”

-Lauren C.