Step Up: Equity Matters Focuses on Equity in the Workplace.

We know this is new territory and can be pretty tough and brings up difficult conversations, but we promise we’ll be with you every step of the way.

What else do we think and promise?  Well, we’re glad you asked.


We Promise to Dive Deep and Be Real

Our goal is to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces, boardrooms, and executive and leadership teams.

We Believe Diversity Should be Welcomed

… appreciated & valued.  It isn’t just teaching people about cultural competency and inclusivity, it is about shaping a company culture that embraces everyone in all aspects of its operations.

We Have Created a Safe Place

… for our community to learn, discover and mastermind together to raise awareness and inspire action.

Join your Madison-area business and non-profit community and commit to creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

We Offer a Variety of Workshops

…that can be brought into your workplace to help facilitate positive change and that we also periodically offer to our community, at large.


Join Us!

The Step Up: Equity Matters community is a movement for change. When you join the community you will get invitations to the various workshops offered, a book club invitation, and updates from other members that showcase success stories, learning moments, and resources.

We ask you to join us by signing and committing to the Step Up: Equity Matters Pledge.  It is a powerful promise to Step Up for equity in the workplace – to be bold and brave.


Join the Step Up: Equity Matters Community


Step Up: Equity Matters is a program of The Latino Professionals Association.